True Name: Helel

Goes By: Lucifer (modern - Malevora) Edit

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Commonly Called: Satan, the Devil Edit

Known As: Halel-Lu (pre-Gen), Lu, Luci (by D'ren), haSatan (Modern Hebrew), Morning Star (Lucifer, Helel translated)

Species: Helel/Morning Star (first of his kind)

Gender: Male

Age: 10k years old

Place of Birth: Heaven

Current Location: Abyss/NightScape

Position/Title: King of Hell/the Underworld (modern - Malevora), Lord of the Golden City (pre-Gen), Prince of the Air (Gen - modern)

Lucifer (Hebrew — הילל, Helel) is a prominent figure in the various Religions, with his most infamous act being rebelling against God and subsequently falling from grace. The name Lucifer is derived from earlier Latin proses and poetry; lux, lucis, "light", and fero, ferre, "to bear, bring", symbolizing his role as the "Morning Star" and the strongest Seraph, the highest ranked angel serving God prior his fall from grace.